Hot Sale Tri-Fold Truck Cover for 2500 Silverado Lt Crew Cab Double Cab

Hot Sale Tri Fold Truck Shells for 2500 Silverado Lt Crew Cab Double Cab  Product DetailsSpecificationProduct NameTonneau CoverTypeSoft tri-foldMaterialVinly and Aluminum FrameInstallationNo tools require,quick clamp design1.Supply tonneau covers for more than 100 models of Pickup2.Fitment: 100%fit, no noise&no spa

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Hot Sale Tri Fold Truck Shells for 2500 Silverado Lt Crew Cab Double Cab
 Product Details
Hot Sale Tri Fold Truck Shells for 2500 Silverado Lt Crew Cab Double Cab
Product NameTonneau Cover
TypeSoft tri-fold
MaterialVinly and Aluminum Frame
InstallationNo tools require,quick clamp design

1.Supply tonneau covers for more than 100 models of Pickup
2.Fitment: 100%fit, no noise&no space
3.Feature: anti-aging & anti UV&waterproof
4.Function:anti-theft & anti-snow
5.Material:Vinyl cloth and aluminum bar

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Hot Sale Tri Fold Truck Shells for 2500 Silverado Lt Crew Cab Double CabHot Sale Tri Fold Truck Shells for 2500 Silverado Lt Crew Cab Double CabHot Sale Tri Fold Truck Shells for 2500 Silverado Lt Crew Cab Double CabHot Sale Tri Fold Truck Shells for 2500 Silverado Lt Crew Cab Double Cab

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Bopar Tonneau Cover List
Tonneau Cover  Application Model List
Roll upSoft Tri FoldHard Folding For DODGE 
RT001TT001  For Dodge Ram 8' Long Bed (excludes '02 2500/3500)2002-2008
RT002TT002  For  Dodge Ram 8' Long Bed (excludes '09 2500/3500)2009-2011
RT003TT003HT003 For  Dodge Ram 6 1/2' Short Bed (excludes '09 2500/3500)2009-2016
RT004TT004  For  Dodge Ram Short Bed (excludes '02 2500/3500)2002-2009
RT005TT005HT005 For Dodge Dakota 6 1/2' Short Bed2005-2011
    For Mitsubishi RAIDER6.5' SHORT BED ('08 & UP W/O RAIL SYSTEM)2005-2012
RT006TT006  For Dodge Ram Short Bed ('02 2500/3500 OLD body)1994-2002
RT007TT007HT007 For Dodge Dakota 6 1/2' Short Bed1997-2004
RT008TT008HT008 For Dodge Dakota Quad Cab2000-2004
RT009TT009HT009 For Dodge Dakota Quad Cab2005-2011
    For Mitsubishi RAIDERQUAD CAB ('08 & UP W/O RAIL SYSTEM)2005-2012
RT010TT010HT010 For Dodge Ram 5'-7" Bed2009-2011
RT054TT054HT054 For RAM 1500 Express crewcab double cab   (1570*1660*1570mm)2014+
RT055TT055HT055 For RAM 1500 Express crewcab singal cab(1565*1885*1565mm)2014+
RT056TT056HT056 For RAM 1500 Express crewcab  1.5cab  (1560*1880*1575mm)2014+
RT085TT085HT085 For Dodge Ram 3500 big horn/laramie mega cab2015+
RT086TT086HT086 For Dodge Ram 2500 big horn/slt crew mega cab2015+
RT011TT011HT011 For Ford Super Duty 8' Long Bed1999-2014
RT012TT012HT012 For Ford F150 8' Long Bed2004-2015
RT013TT013HT013 For Ford F-Series 6' Short Bed (excludes Flareside)1980-1996
RT014TT014HT014 For Ford F150 6 1/2' Short Bed (excludes Flareside)1997-2004
RT015TT015HT015 For Ford Super Duty 6 1/2' Short Bed1999-2015
RT016TT016HT016 For Ford F150 6 1/2' Short Bed (excludes Flareside)2004-2014
RT017TT017HT017 For Ford Ranger 6' Short Bed (excludes Flareside)1982-2011
RT018TT018HT018 For Ford Ranger Flareside/Splash1993-2011
RT019TT019  For Ford Explorer Sport Trac2001-2005
RT020TT020HT020 For Ford F150 5 1/2' Bed2004-2015
    For F150 Supercrew  double cab (1585*2440*1590mm)2014+
RT058TT058HT058 For F150 Supercrew   1.5Cab (1585*1970*1590mm)2014+
RT059TT059HT059 For F150 Supercrew    double cab (1585*1670*1590mm)2014+
RT060TT060HT060 For F250 SRW Crew cab Superduty  double cab (1635*2030*1615mm)2014+
    For F250 SRW Crew cab Superduty   single cab (1640*2440*1615mm)2014+
    For F250 SRW Crew cab Superduty 1.5 Cab (1640*2440*1615mm)2014+
RT063TT063HT063 For F350 SRW Crew cab   double cab  (1640*2440*1615mm)2014+
    For CHEVY&GMC&Nissan 
RT021TT021HT021 For Chevrolet Silverado/ GMC Sierra 8' Long Bed (excludes C/K)1999-2006
RT022TT022HT022 For Chevrolet Silverado /GMC Sierra 8' Long Bed (excl '07 Classic)2007-2014
RT023TT023HT023 For Chevrolet /GMC C/K 6 1/2' Short Bed (excludes Silverado/ Sierra)1988-2002
RT024TT024HT024 For Chevrolet Silverado/ GMC Sierra 6 1/2' Short Bed (excludes C/K)1999-2007
RT025TT025HT025 For Chevrolet Silverado /GMC Sierra 6 1/2' Short Bed2007-2014
RT026TT026HT026 For Chevrolet S10/ GMC S15 6' Short Bed1982-1993
RT027TT027HT027 For Chevrolet S10/ GMC S15 6' Short Bed1994-2004
RT028TT028HT028 For Chevrolet Colorado/ GMC Canyon 6'-1" Bed2004-2011
    For ISUZU I-SERIES 6'1" BED2004-2012
RT029TT029HT029 For Chevrolet Colorado/ GMC Canyon 5'-3" Bed2004-2012
    For ISUZU I-SERIES 5'3" CREW CAB BED2004-2012
RT030TT030HT030 For Chevrolet Silverado /GMC Sierra 5'-8" Bed2007-2013
RT031TT031HT031 For Chevrolet Silverado/ GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab 5'-8" Bed2004-2007
RT064TT064HT064 For 1500 2WD Silverado LT crew double cab (1615*1720*1565mm)2014+
RT065TT065HT065 For 1500 Silverado 1WT crew single cab (1620*2440*1570mm)2014+
RT066TT066HT066 For 1500 Silverado LT crew  1.5 Cab(1620*2440*1570mm)2014+
RT067TT067HT067 For 2500 Silverado LT crew cab double cab (1615*1960*1568mm)2014+
RT032TT032HT032 For Nissan Frontier 6'1" Bed (with or without utilitrack)2005-2011
RT033TT033HT033 For Nissan Frontier 5' Bed (with or without Utilitrack)2005-2011
RT035TT035HT035 For Nissan Titan 6'-7" Bed (with or without Utilitrack)2004-2015
RT036TT036HT036 For Nissan Titan 5'-7" Bed (with or without Utilitrack)2004-2015
RT034TT034HT034 For Nissan D22 King Cab 
RT051TT051HT051 For Nissan Navara D22 Double Cab 1.48M Bed2005+
RT068TT068HT068 For Frontier KC 1.5 Cab (1490*1830*1490mm)2014+
RT069TT069HT069 For Frontier KC double cab (1490*1480*1490mm)2014+
RT070TT070HT070 For Titan ccsc             (1555*1650*1560mm)2014+
    For TOYOTA&Mitsubishi&Isuzu&VW 
RT037TT037HT037 For Toyota Compact Pickup 6' Short Bed1989-2004
RT038TT038HT038 For Toyota Tacoma 6' Bed2005-2011
RT039TT039HT039 For Toyota Tundra 6 1/2' Short Bed2007-2015
RT040TT040HT040 For Toyota Tacoma 5' Bed2005-2014
RT041TT041HT041 For Toyota Tundra 6 1/2' Short Bed2000-2006
RT042TT042HT042 For Toyota Tundra 5 1/2' Crew Max Bed2007-2015
RT043TT043HT043 For Hilux Vigo Double Cab 1.52M Bed2005+
    For Hilux Vigo Single Cab 1.8M Bed2005+
RT044TT044  For Isuzu  RT 50 Couble Cab 1.485M Bed/Great Wall Wingle2003+
RT045TT045HT045 For Ford Ranger T6 Double Cab,1.53cm Bed2006+
RT046TT046HT046 For Chevrolet  S-10 CD2012+
RT047TT047  For FORD RANGER CD 2013 XLS2013+
RT048TT048  For Mitsubishi L-200 TRITON XB 2012+
RT049TT049  For Mitsubishi L-200 TRITON  Double Cab 1.325M Bed2006+
RT050TT050  For Isuzu (Chev) D-Max Double Cab 1.38M Bed2003+
RT077TT077HT077 For Isuzu (Chev) D-Max Double Cab2015+
    For VW_Amarok_Double Cab 1.598M Bed2010+
    For Tundra Crew max double cab (1590*1650*1590mm)2014+
    For Tundra SR5 DBC CAB single cab (1590*1950*1590mm)2014+
RT073TT073HT073 For Tundra SR5 crewmax double cab (1590*1645*1590mm)2014+
    For Tundra LTD crewmax double cab (1590*1645*1590mm)2014+
RT075TT075HT075 For Tacoma Prerunner DBC double cab (1450*1540*1425mm)2014+
    For Tacuma Prerunner Access cab single cab (1445*1875*1425mm)2014+
RT078TT078HT078 For Hilux Vigo 5' Bed2016+
RT079TT079HT079 For Chevrolet  S-10 5'-10"2014+
RT080TT080HT080 For FORD RANGER 5'2014+
 TT081  For Mitsubishi L-200 TRITON XB 20122012+
RT082TT082  For nissanH602014+
RT083TT083HT083 For Toyota Tacoma SR5 access cab2016+
RT084TT084HT084 For Toyota Tacoma TRD short double cab2016+
RT088TT088HT088 For FORD T6   (THAILAND)2015+
Hot Sale Tri Fold Truck Shells for 2500 Silverado Lt Crew Cab Double Cab

Packing & Delivery
Hot Sale Tri Fold Truck Shells for 2500 Silverado Lt Crew Cab Double Cab

1.Netural packing

2.Inner packing consist of Non-woven bag,plastic foam

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