• Chill Factor | Community | yankton.net

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  • Air Canada Faces Fallout After Customer Complaint - TheStreet

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    Even if you're prescreened and perfectly prepared, getting through the airport is a stressful event. Waiting in tight lines surrounded by all the other travelers and then squeezing onto a plane is enough, but then you have to worry about your luggage arriving on time. All of these complications
  • Efforts to bring back trolley service back in Belmont, NC | wcnc.com

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    Example video title will go here for this videoBELMONT, N.C. — There is an effort afoot in the city of Belmont to take transportation back to a time when trolleys rolled down the tracks, but with a modern twist. A century ago, trolleys carried passengers into downtown Belmont, and with a little
  • The stigma of cognitive decline: Silence has a price 

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    Have you ever experienced brain fog? It’s one thing to reach for an extra coffee or reflect on the vagaries of age, but growing research shows that subjective cognitive decline (SCD) is a powerfully predictive indicator that many patients either dismiss or fail to report. About one in four peo
  • Warrior Run plans school renovations | Local News | standard-journal.com

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  • Heavy freezes on the way | Mt. Airy News

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    Pearl Harbor remembrance: A day of infamyThis “day of infamy” as President Roosevelt referred to this event will be remembered on Wednesday, Dec. 7. It was 81 years ago that the empire of Japan launched a surprise attack on the U.S. Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor. The attack occurred just
  • ‘Unexpected item’: how self-checkouts failed to live up to their promise | Retail industry | The Guardian

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    The kiosks promised to make life easier for shoppers and stores. Instead, they’ve done the oppositeW hen the first self-checkout kiosks were rolled out in American stores more than three decades ago, they were presented as technology that could help stores cut costs, save customers time, and even
  • Ramping Up Fashion’s Accessible Future - YES! Magazine

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    My fashion sense leaves much to be desired, but a few times a year I visit the Tommy Hilfiger outlet. When I was in high school in the early 2000s, I liked Hilfiger’s oversized shorts because they covered my knees. As an adult, I appreciate Hilfiger’s refined style and soft fabrics, though now I
  • Provide them wheelchairs, judges tell Iowa Medicaid company

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    A Medicaid company must pay for specialized wheelchair equipment it denied to disabled clients after losing three simultaneous court battles challenging whether Iowa can force it to provide health services.The appeals by UnitedHealthcare — each involving a severely disabled Iowan who can't walk in
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    For the holidays, giving a gift that specifically considers a person’s disability can be a great way to make them feel seen and supported.Many products in this guide are made by disabled people, who are more likely to face job discrimination or work limitations that can restrict their income. And